…and its heritage full of art, culture and natural beauty. If you are not in love with thrilling and tiring sports, but prefer instead a holiday more easy and romantic, here are some useful advices for you.

Exploring territories in search of splendour becomes possible with our advices, little hints to visit less known areas or to undertake themed routes. Lakes and castles, luxurious palaces, ancient hamlets and naturalistic itineraries… Or even great attractive festivals such as the Suoni delle Dolomiti (Sounds of the Dolomites) and international sports events, which in every season bring to life small and large villages of our valleys.


The hermitage of San Romedio is one of the more characteristic of Europe. It stands on a peak of rocky spur more than 70 metres high, in Non Valley. According to the legend, a hermit lived in this shrine for many years, with no one but a bear for company. The hermitage of San Romedio is formed by five little churches overlaid, all of them built on the rocky spur and connected to each other by 131 steps.


Symbol of the ancient wealth of the Thun family, one of the most powerful in Trentino, even today, Castel Thun, overlooks Non Valley with its majesty and beauty. Reflection of the several centuries old dominion on the valley of the noble family, witness of glory and decadence times, the castle towers on a hill near to the hamlet Vigo di Ton.


Centre of the history of the Non Valley from prehistoric to late medieval times, the museum exhibits the most important archaeological findings of the territory. The exhibition unfurls through an educational itinerary, called “Pozzo del tempo” (Well of Time), recalling the entire history of Non Valley from prehistoric artefacts to Rhaetian and Roman evidences.


The Non Valley is the valley with more castles and noble seats… Hidden among the dense woods or towering on infinite apple orchards stretches, these age-old palaces are the evidence of the ancient and glorious history of Anaunia lands. Just as many luxurious palaces have been renovated and are, nowadays, abodes for exhibitions of great importance and can be visited in all their splendour. Christian faith is deep-seated in Non Valley. From 397, the tragic epilogue of the death of the Martyr Saints of Anaunia marks the beginning of Christianity’s ascent in the local area. The hamlet Sanzeno is even today, the centre of the Christian faith in the Non Valley.


The “Rose Garden” in Ronzone, just as the Sleeping Beauty fairy tale, lays down on one of the more characteristic balcony of the upper Non Valley. From this marvellous location it is possible to enjoy incredible sceneries. The rose bush, a rarity, to the height of a thousand metres will drag you in the dream among hundreds of varieties and thousands of roses with their history, scents and charm. A unique sight where nature meets the environment and the agricultural landscape, a wonderful scenery, a natural amphitheatre surrounded by green lawns, coniferous forests and mountain ranges.


Take the pure water of Non Valley, combine it with the warm sun of summers and finally add care and passion of the farmers of the valley and you will get as a result the excellent fruit symbol of our territory: the splendid D.O.P. MELA VAL DI NON. Currently Golden Delicious, Red Delicious and Renetta Canada are the most produced varieties, which in the last years have been integrated with plantation of Gala and Fuji. There are more than 5200 farmer members of the cooperative Consorzio Melinda, that every year, during fall, pick the result of their work: over 300.000 tons of delicious apples. Visit Mondo Melinda, to find out more about the production cycle needed to obtain the excellent Melinda apples!


The locality is named after the near hermitage, which is located down the dam, on the right bank of the river Noce, protected by a natural rock indent, but nowadays remain only few ruins of it.<br/> Santa Giustina is also the name of the dam, which gives shape to the homonym lake. Started in 1940, suspended because of the war and resumed in 1946, the construction works ended in 1950. The construction of the dam implicated the lost of many human lives and croplands. Not far north from the dam is found an ancient Roman bridge, called Ponte Alto, which it surfaces when the lake’s waters lower. To its immediate vicinity has been discovered an archaeological area of great interest. Under the water are found various farm holdings, which from time to time emerge ruined from erosion. Down the dam formed an interesting habitat, which gave rise to a biotope.


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