Every journey in Trentino deserves to be remembered for a long time! The territory offers a lot of opportunities for each season, is up to you choose your favorite! Paint your vacation in Non Valley with true and unforgettable experiences; find out about the many offers that a holiday at Chalet Tovel can gift you!

The Non Valley is a paradise for sport lovers. It’s surrounded by mountains never too arduous and by a thick net of paths well indicated, clearings and forests perfect for walks in Trentino. Deep canyons to explore on foot, by kayak or, for the most fearless, by climbing on its walls! Trekking on the Dolomites and taking multiple-days walks, will make you live adventures in close contact with nature and the spirituality of this valley.
Kilometres of pure fun on a mountain bike on dirt roads and single tracks… There is nothing more satisfying than reaching a peak on two wheels! Here are a few hints for a sport vacation:


The Non Valley is the right place to take stunning walks in Trentino, on the gentle tablelands among the local hamlets or on the wild mountains, never too tiring, of the Maddalene group and the Brenta Dolomites.


Since 2012 in Non Valley there are two cycling paths much different from each other. Try the “Rankipino” cycling lane between Trentino and Alto Adige or the new bike path in the upper Non Valley, a round trip that crosses meadows and woods of the highland and is also convenient for families with children.


The Non Valley offers to climbing enthusiasts the chance to practice this sport in the two main routes of the valley.
The cliff of Marino Stenico, easily reached from the town of Fondo, and the cliff of San Romedio, located on the scenic trail that leads to the hermitage of San Romedio from the town of Sanzeno. Moreover there are many minor climbing walls, indoor and outdoor.


The canyon valley is full of surprises: an exciting activity to everyone’s reach, elders and youngsters, with only one key word: fun! On board of a kayak you will get into the wild gorges of the Novella River, at S. Giustina Lake; an exciting journey through the most enchanting canyons of Trentino! If you love the thrill of charged-up sports you must try rafting, it is only few kilometres away from the Non Valley, down the Noce river!


In Trentino, a world made of canyons, gorges, rock walls and waterfalls is hidden underground among dense woods and small hamlets. A magic dimension, easy to reach and safe… with helmet and transmit receivers! Thrilling walks to try with children as well!
Owing to its particular morphological configuration the Non Valley has recently been renamed the Valley of Canyons. This awe-inspiring natural scenery, which has been hidden for centuries, can now be visited thanks to the facilitated footways.
The main canyons are Rio Sass Canyon and Novella Fluvial Park, you can visit them accompanied by expert guides who will show you the beauty and peculiarity of these places.


Among apple orchards and the most stunning castles of Trentino, the woods and the shores of crystal clear waters Alpine lakes, the Non Valley offers numerous itineraries for horse-riding. Starting from the local stables you can pass through ancient pilgrims’ paths, and in short time reach wonderful hermitages and romantic churches. Even if you have never ridden a horse, you can easily learn thanks to the professionalism of our expert guides.


The gentle slopes of the upper Non Valley are the ideal setting for golf. The branches of the Habsburg Monarchy knew it very well, indeed, they love entertaining there with their guests. In the same green tilled hills, at the end of the ‘80s, has been set the Dolomiti Golf Club course, in Sarnonico. It is a wonderful course, which at the beginning of the new millennium it has been enlarged with 18 championship holes.


Jumping from one three to the other like Tarzan, among icebergs and mammoth like in the ice age, speeding on raft-rockets… In the Non Valley you don’t need much to feel as if you were in a tale! In Non Valley there are many amusement parks thought for the younger ones, who just can’t stay still. All of these parks combine fun with safety!


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