Are you a fishing expert or would you like to get closer to this relaxing sport?

Fishing in Trentino is one of the most beautiful experiences for these sport lovers. The crystal clear waters of the lakes and the impetuous streams surrounded by the astonishing views of the Non Valley are the perfect place to practice your passion. Chalet Tovel is ready to welcome you in a wonderland: Spend a fishing day by the lake, admiring the pure nature of the Adamello-Brenta Park and the extraordinary overhanging Brenta Dolomites… and at the end of the day abandon yourself to the warm welcome that only a small mountain chalet can offer you. You can relax in our themed rooms or rather warm up and restore in the cosy wellness centre and finally, enjoy the delicious traditional meals of Trentino next to the warmth of the fireplace. To satisfy any possible need for your fishing day, we thought to offer you:

  • Useful educational material to fish in Trentino, such as fishing permits, fishing equipment rent, street maps and hints on the best places;
  • Available depot and a washing area for the fishing gear;
  • Flexible restaurant hours;
  • Launch box or our fisher basket, full of local products and delicious meals cooked by our chef.
  • If you are not an expert yet, you will find at our Chalet Tovel a guide ready to accompany you in your journey. Thanks to our experts hints and knowledge, fishing will be an unforgettable experience!


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FISHING EXPERIENCE – Pescate la vostra vacanza da sogno!

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Explore the fishing areas of the Non Valley on the map

“Trentino Fishing” has been created to guarantee a quality service for those who choose Trentino as their holiday destination. It is a themed portal whit hints about the fishing areas in Trentino, real time updates on state of waters, information about fish species and where to buy permits, experiences of other local fishermen or people who want to get closer to this sport in the Non Valley.

Useful information
Fishing in Non Valley is allowed from one hour before sunrise until one hour after sunset. You could go fishing at night-time as well, but only at S. Giustina Lake.
Info about number of catches and measurements are available in the association’s rules.

Fishing season opening

  • Tovel Lake: when the waters of the lake have thawed
  • S. Giustina and Mollaro Lake: 1st January
  • Noce stream from Mostizzolo to Rocchetta (In the biotope area “La Rocchetta” prohibition of fishing): 1st Sunday of February
  • Tresenica stream and tributaries: 1st Sunday of February
  • Sporeggio stream (In the biotope area “La Rocchetta” prohibition of fishing): 1st Sunday of February
  • Streams: 1st Sunday of March
  • Smeraldo Lake: 1st May
  • “No Kill” area Rio Sass: 1st May
  • Other waters: 1st Sunday of March


Fishing closing

It is fixed on 30 September for all species and all waters, except for the S. Giustina Lake where, until the 30 November is possible to fish any species but Salmonidae (except for the Rainbow Trout).

Noce stream and Sporeggio in the biotope area is forbidden to fish from the 1st Sunday of March until the 1st Sunday of June of every year.

Associazione Pescatori Sportivi in C.6 (Non Valley)

Address: Corso Dante 30 - 38023 Cles

Telephone: +39 3487701319



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