Our valley turns into the most thrilling garden of Trentino, painted with the blossom of the well-known apple orchards of the Non Valley, where to take many pictures and get lost, letting the energy of the nature recharge your soul.

The perfect scenic design where you can try new sports or cultivate your passions: the bicycle along the cycle path of upper Non Valley, the mountain bike along the path of the Dolomiti di Brenta Bike, or playing golf in the wonderful Dolomiti Golf Club of Sarnonico, equipped with an 18 holes course. Discover all the colours and the spring fragrances in the Rose Garden in Ronzone, over 12.000 rose-bushes, with over 400 varieties of flowers and roses.
Chalet Tovel – Mountain Lake suggest to bike lovers the itineraries Predaia Mountain Bike and RankPino, exciting paths in the forest.
You can’t miss out on a wine and food tour along the Apple and Tastes Road of the Non Valley.
In spring there are two massive events. One is called Florinda, it takes place in the village of Mollaro (Predaia) and celebrates the blossom of the apple orchards of the valley, with a rich exposition of local products, aiming to fruit-growing, wine and food, local culture, craftsmanship, associationism, sport and innovation. The other one is called Quattro Ville in Fiore, which is a non competitive walk\run open for everyone, it is organised by the municipality of Tassullo; it offers two itineraries: a 5 km and a 11 km, the challenge takes place through the scented apple blossoms of the valley. It is also a beautiful chance to know and plunge into the local history, admiring lanes, streets, lodges and ancient churches.


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