Up to the ‘60s, the Tovel Lake name was connected to the characteristic reddening of its water as well as to its wonderful romantic atmosphere. Every year in summer, the shores of the lake used to turn bright red. It was an extremly unique and suggestive sight. Not surprisingly, over the years, many tales and legends came up about the origins of the phenomenon. The most famous of them all is the legend of the Queen Tresenga.

Once upon a time, Ragoli (a today small village in Rendena Valley), was a very rich city at the head of a large kingdom. Unfortunately, the last King of Ragoli died without leaving a male heir but only a beautiful daughter named Tresenga. The kingdom’ citizens were worried because if the princess was to get married, their kingdom would become property of an unknown king and Ragoli would lose all its wealth. Tresenga was a very clever girl and she loved her people so much that she took an oath to not marry anyone for the safety of her kingdom. Though her beauty and wealth were very well known to all the young cadet men from the neighbouring territories, who didn’t want to lose the opportunity to become the king of such a powerful reign and at the same time marry the most beautiful princess anyone had ever seen. The most stubborn and superb of all pretenders turned out to be Lavinio, the young King of Tuenno. He tried to win the heart of Tresenga showing her his power with generous gifts. But she always refused. The pride of the young king was wounded and soon enough, his love became rage and he decided to organize his army and raze Ragoli. Tresenga, informed by her messengers about Lavinio’ intentions, left the choice to her people: should she marry the King of Tuenno or get into a battle that might cost everyones life? The people of Ragoli, without a doubt, stood alongside the princess and put everything on the line for their freedom. They marched until they reached the Tovel Lake shores, where they found Lavinio’s army camped for the night. A bloody battle had place. It lasted several days. Tuenno’s army was way too strong and well organized to succumb the weak, though hardened, people of Ragoli. All of them got barbarically killed, and last of all, also the beautiful Queen Tresenga, who fought bravely alongside her people. The blood of the Queen and her people poured out in the lake and dyed its water red. Since that sad day, once a year, on the anniversary of the cruel battle, as if by magic, the waters of the lake started to turn red and even today, there is who swears that on full moon nights the figure of the beautiful Tresenga wanders sighing along the shores of the lake.


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